Verifying the Right to Rent: What Documents Can Be Used?

The Home Office has implemented right-to-rent checks to make it more difficult for people to live and work in England without authorization. Leases in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are not subject to these checks. Certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) are external providers that meet a government standard for digitally verifying the right to rent of British and Irish citizens who possess a valid passport (including Irish passport cards). IDPs offer the convenience of checks, but not all agents will be able to provide checks with the right to rent through an IDSP (even for this limited group), and whether this is a suitable option for your lease will depend on several different factors.

You can find a list of IDSPs on GOV. UK. To determine which documents you should request, you may find it helpful to use the government's online guide. It may not be possible to prove your right to rent using the online verification service in all cases, as not everyone will have an immigration status that can be verified online at this time.

If the tenant pays rent after the fifth day of a given month, the landlord is entitled to charge a late fee as provided in this chapter. However, if the tenant presents a good-faith defense and the court so determines, the court will not require that the rent be secured. The authorized contact person identified in the rental application, lease agreement, or other landlord document may (i) have access to the housing unit or facilities and tenant records maintained by the landlord and (ii) legitimately claim the deceased tenant's personal assets and otherwise manage the deceased tenant's affairs with the landlord. Termination of the lease agreement will be the exclusive remedy in the event of a breach of the disclosure provisions of this section and will not affect any rights or obligations of the landlord or tenant arising under this chapter, other applicable laws, or the rental agreement.

If a renter allows their renters insurance policy required by the rental agreement to expire for any reason, the landlord can provide that tenant with renters insurance coverage from any landlord. Such assistance will have no effect on the tenant's right under this section to be reimbursed by the landlord or to make a periodic rent deduction. If you check this document correctly, as stated here and in the Landlord's Guide to Verifying the Right to Rent, you will establish a legal exemption for a limited time to exempt yourself from liability for a civil sanction and you'll need to check it again before your legal excuse expires. If your passport or biometric immigration document has been stolen, a letter from a UK police confirming that you have been the victim of a crime and that you have reported the theft of your passport, stating the criminal reference number, which has been issued in the last three months, can be used as proof of your right to rent.