Do Landlords Have to Check Immigration Status of Tenants?

Landlords and agents must verify the immigration status of the adults who will be living on the property before the tenancy begins. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their place of origin. All adults must be checked to ensure they have the legal right to live in the UK. This applies to tenants, subtenants, and paying guests, even if they are family members or friends.

The Ministry of the Interior has provided a list of acceptable documents for verifying the right to rent. If a landlord discovers that a tenant is not legally authorized to rent, they must take steps to end the tenancy. Non-compliance can lead to fines of up to £3,000 per tenant or even prison terms. Leasing agents and third parties can be used to verify the right to rent on behalf of the landlord.

If a tenant sublets a property in exchange for rent, they become a landlord in their own right and are responsible for verifying the right to rent to anyone at the one that subleases. It is illegal to discriminate against people based on their nationality or race when carrying out checks. If the tenant is only allowed to stay in the UK for a limited time, they must register 28 days before the start of the tenancy. Manual checks on the right to rent are by far the most common, since they are more universal and inherently simpler.