What Should a Landlord Do if They Suspect Tenant Documents are Fraudulent?

Landlords must be vigilant when it comes to tenant applications. If they have any reasonable suspicion that documents are not legitimate, they should refuse the lease, no matter how desperate they are to get someone on their property. It is a crime to evict a person from residential accommodation without a court order or to harass them to leave. If landlords want to report fraud, they can do so anonymously. The private rental sector (PRS) is facing unprecedented demand and dwindling stocks, leaving tenants struggling to find a place to live.

If tenants continue to sublet the property without permission or violate any other term of the lease, legal action may be necessary. False tenancy applications can cause financial difficulties for landlords when an apparently eligible tenant cannot afford the rent. Landlords must also provide their tenants with the “How to Rent” brochure, which outlines their rights and obligations under UK law. It is important for landlords to make an informed decision when it comes to renting out their property. This leaves tenants struggling to get properties, but some face extreme vetting procedures. References can give landlords peace of mind knowing that they can rent to a suitable tenant who can pay the rent.

If a potential tenant offers to pay more than the requested rent or asks for a discount in exchange for paying in cash, this should be a red flag. Landlords should also be aware of false landlords who pretend to be authorized to rent a property when in fact they have no authority over it. Renters who receive benefits, including universal credit, may struggle to meet the criteria needed to approve a check because they don't have enough income to pay rent. According to a reference provider for tenants, between February and March of this year, there was a 153% increase in the number of fraudulent lease applications. If a tenant refuses to pay the security deposit or contests deductions, landlords must show them documentation to prove the necessary repairs or cleaning. Before renting out their property, landlords must take the time to thoroughly evaluate potential tenants.

It is normal for potential tenants to talk to neighbors, especially to get information about the local area.