How to Perform a Right to Rent Check

The Home Office has implemented right-to-rent checks in England in order to make it more difficult for people to live and work illegally. These checks are not applicable in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) are external providers that meet the government's standards for digitally verifying the right to rent of British and Irish citizens who possess a valid passport (including Irish passport cards). IDSPs provide convenient checks, but not all agents will be able to offer Right to Rent checks through an IDSP.

You can find a list of IDPs on GOV, United Kingdom. If the tenant has a visa that is only valid for a limited time, landlords and rental agents have a legal obligation to re-verify the right to rent. The report will also show you what documents your tenant used to generate the participation code and when they checked them. If the agent is unable to complete this verification, you will have to submit a report about you to the Home Office; otherwise, you could incur significant fines. The Landlord Checking Service (LCS) is an online service that allows you to request a right-to-rent check directly from the Ministry of the Interior. Horizon We always recommend that regular mid-term inspections be carried out to check the condition of a property, and they can also be a useful opportunity to check for signs of occupancy that you have not been informed of. You must see these documents in person and verify that they are authentic, valid, and that they belong to your tenant.

They will be able to consult the real-time system of the Ministry of the Interior to make their decision on the right to rent without the need for any other documentation. Landlords (or their agents) in England are responsible for checking whether a potential tenant is entitled to rent in the UK. You must check their original documents, such as passports, visas, biometric residence permits, etc. If the tenant is not a British or Irish citizen, you will also need to check that their permit to remain in the United Kingdom has not expired. You can ask the landlord to carry out the checks on your behalf.

This agreement must be agreed in writing and you must keep a copy for proof. This means that they have a valid immigration status that allows them to live and rent property in the country.